Proformance Metals

“Innovationers came in and immediately understood our current and future challenges. We needed an IT solution designed around our very unique business operations if we were able to realise our revenue potential””

Phill Matts, Co-owner and Director, Proformance Metals

The Challenge

ProFormance Metals is at the cutting edge of metal and plastics technology, creating state-of-the-art materials for supercars, racing cars, film stunt vehicles and the defence and aerospace industry.

Formed in 2010 by Phil Matts and Joe Colantonio, ProFormance Metals is revered by Professional Motorsport teams worldwide for its advanced knowledge and supply of high quality materials for construction of Roll Cage (ROPS) and Suspension systems.

Its specialisms range from building safe stunt vehicles for action films such as Spectre, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fury snd World War Z, to repairing parts of vintage aircraft including Spitfires and Hurricanes.

For many years, co-founder Phil Matts has been a specialist advisor to several organisations and industries. These include the Ministry of Defence, for the design of military vehicles and aircraft, and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) – the governing body for world motor sport. Phil also advises the Motor Sports Association and many other ASNs. He is specialist advisor to the film industry for stunt vehicle design and manufacture for speed, structure and safety standards.

ProFormance Metals is the design team behind the Sin Car range of racing cars, supercars and road cars.

Traditionally, the business has relied on manual process to manage most aspects of its operations. The sheet amount of administration involved with processing orders and complying with motorsports regulation meant the company was drowning in paperwork.

Every aspect of the ordering process was being held manually including picking, packing, certification, invoicing and even the delivery note.

ProFormance Metals owner Phil Matts comments:

“Our business was very administration-heavy and every process was handled manually. What we do is specialised – we design and build materials for customers from the ground up. Every order is totally different and requires unique attention to ensure it arrives with the customer safely.”

ProFormance Metals required an end-to-end IT solution that would reduce administration and speed up operations without compromising the quality or customer service.

“Innovationers came in and immediately understood our current and future challenges. We needed an IT solution designed around our very unique business operations if we were able to realise our revenue potential”

The Results

“Prior to the new IT solution, we were buried in paperwork. Nobody had a home life. I was in the office from 6 or 7am till 9pm and had to work most weekends.”

“To solve the problem, Innovationers design a bespoke, modular IT solution to manage all aspects of the ordering process.”

“The solution manages the ordering and stock process from start-to-finish, from the original order confirmation through to certification and invoicing. It also features a full financial forecast and bill payment system plus a fully integrated CRM solution.”

“We now have automatic certification for every ‘birth certificate’ through the Innovationers custom designed stock control solution. Each certificate contains all the information required by the customer and ProFormance Metals, to provide full traceability from the manufacturer to the customer. Previously, this was a totally manual process.”

“We can also process orders a lot more quickly. Previously, we could only process a maximum of 10 orders as each took 30 minutes. Now we can process 30 as each takes just five minutes. We are able to purchase material, trace, sell and certify in a very short time. Carrier paperwork would take 20 minutes for each order. We no longer need stock cards as our stock control is now automated. We have tripled our turnover and our productivity as drastically increased.”

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