CRM, Sales, Prospecting & Marketing Tools

Lead Generation

Innovationers can create the means for you to create an ongoing prospect pipeline so you can convert prospects into customers faster. It’s a no-brainer.

Manage your Prospects

  • Achieve rapid response to sales orders
  • Stay informed and increase your sales, shortening your sales cycle.
  • Qualify customers with analytics and credit checking, before wasting time prospecting.

Manage your Introducer Referrals

  • Create and manage an introducer referral system with variable fees and commissions.
  • Track your payments and performance with ease.

Manage your Clients

  • Grow and manage your customer base with effective CRM and reporting
  • Cross sell and upsell, spot opportunities across all products and across all clients
  • Create contact strategies for leads, prospects, customers, suppliers and partners
  • Grow and manage your customer base and communicate effectively with each at every touchpoint
  • Win back past clients
  • Create and manage loyalty offerings

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Innovationers are systems integration and project management specialists. We have worked with small and large companies, working with MDs, CEOs, Operations Directors and Marketing departments.